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occupy facebook with art

there’s something going around facebook where a person posts a work of art and whoever “likes” it will receive the name of an artist from that person who posted, and then post something on their own wall from that artist. and so forth.

when i first saw this pop up somewhere on my home page i ignored it. i thought to myself something to the effect of “how lame”. “forced art appreciation is so phony” or something like that. maybe not even all that. i just shrugged it off and passed it by.

the next time it showed up i was suddenly interested. “like!” “give me an artist!”… and by the time i was knee-deep in searching for artists for the three individuals (only three) who “liked” my art post… i had a significant realization that felt a bit heavy and sad. “wow…. i don’t know any artists anymore. i know the big ones i studied in art history in college… but can’t name any artists living today, let alone ever, outside the top 10 or so of all-time list.

(sigh) it is sad. this experience emphasizes to me that something is amiss in my life. i’d say in our culture, which is probably true… but i know there are people who are immersed in art and artists and creativity on a daily basis. there are so many, many artists out there. painters, poets, photographers, sculptors. etc. i am just cut off from it all, and i feel so far away it’s like i need a passport yet just to begin traveling in that direction. and then to get maps. and translators. and make the time for it?

wow indeed.
i want it.
where to jump in?
at what time of day can i fit this in?

i’m having a mid-life-time-crisis.

  1. April 10, 2014 at 9:32 pm

    Love it…….

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